Solving the Nigerian Gordian Knot Riddle

The puzzling social problems, intractable Boko haram insurgency together with the socially Acquired moral Immune deficiency Syndrome best referred to as the Nigerian Police Force need to be solved by President Goodluck Jonathan without doubt every Nigerian president is destined to be called the President of African provided they like Alexander the great can solve the Gordian knot of Nigeria. Nelson Mandela patiently sacrifice a quality part of his life to solve apartheid in South Africa he lived to see his vision became a reality ant his death we know that beside Jesus Christ the whole world praised him. To you President Jonathan will you solve this riddle for this generation please?1

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NIGERIA: The Altar of Disunity

Other shall no be National Unity until the bases for our existence is question and answered. There shall not be National Unity if the truth of the cause of the Biafrian wat is not explained to all at a sovereign assembly – this I know president Jonathan will be scared to meddle into. There cannot be National Unity if Boko haram riddle is both addressed openly by the president even if it will cost him his life. All social vices are the result of disunity in a nation. Nigeria was designed as an  altar of disunity to purge it of its foundational errors a living head of states and president should come clean lay their life down on the altar so that there can be unity Just like a priest said of Jesus it is better for one to lay his life down for many. Which of una go start first?

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How President Goodluck Jonathan Can Solve Social Problems in Nigeria

Social problems like any other problems in every sphere of life demands discovery . Recovery or solutions will be the result of the discovery of the root causes of the problems identified. A quick reference to some of my post will give an indication of some of the social problems peculiar to Nigeria. Fundamental to the solutions is that recognition be given to the Nigeria Question. We all need to revisit our existence as a Nation. Nigeria as a Nation is built on a faulty foundation of falsehood. The president need to first address this question. It is until an answer to the Nigerian question is given that the social problems can be solve. The 200 missing chibok girls stolen by boko haram is just a tip of the iceberg of the Nigerian Question. Boko haram, chibok girls disappearance and the northern elders demand for the girls from the president points to a mystery that is hidden in the Nigerian Question. So what really is the Nigerian Question? Nigeria, a figment of a lady’s imagination, is derived from Niger Area – a conditional naming scheme for a collection of niggers. But we have moved from the barbarian state into a well organized and educated masses – though the slavish mindset we are yet to relive ourselves of. Now is the time to break loose of that enchantment that retrogressively bind us to the past. First the naming scheme need to be revisited. Don’t forget that before the american civil way other was just the American Colony but after the American Civil war the the birth of a new nation was given – The United States of American. The Nigeria Civil war lessons goes in realized an appreciated. Instead of Nigeria having a version of its own founding fathers rather we had looters of the nation. Do not forget that the American war brought both the North and South together though that with Abraham Lincoln serving as the Sacrificial lamb.
Every Nation that will continue to exist had a lamb in a man that was sacrificed for social. Unity. So our president must put aside his personal ambition and solve the question once and for all. He need to be the sacrificial lamp on the altar of disunity called Nigeria.

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Part 3: How to solve Nigeria’s problem – the amalgamation fraud

As a nation diseased from birth now is the time for diagnosis. But first among all the diseases plaguing Nigeria is a foundation curse that we need to purge ourselves of – the wicked cord that bonded us together as a Nation. Until this cord is broken we shall not know PEACE. The Amalgamation of the different groups of community is a political contract created by the few and foisted on the majority of the ignorant members of the community. Hundred years ago u can count number of educated Nigeria s who can craft a future oriented political contract not even the emirs nor the Obas and the Igwes of that period can understand what they were foolishly subscribing to, obviously they lack the imagination to comprehend the far reaching impact of the political contract offered them as  Nigeria. Not even the owelle could understand why the northerners should be left alone to wallow in ignorance. Though it was clear to Tafawa that with or without the amalgamation fraud the northerners need to have absolute control of the southern sea shores. Look all around you and observe Dangote’s manoeuvres. Can u see the wicked cord now been woven as an imaginary thread around the ignorant southerner and westerner. Can u see from the Merchant British men to Tafawa now to Dangote at the economic front and Boko Haram at the sociopolitical front.  Your comments are welcome

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Part 2: How to Solve Nigeria’s Problem – Demographic curse

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